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We work with churches, schools, and businesses to build excellent production in your space.

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Making decisions on the best audio/visual equipment can be stressful and expensive. We live in this world and know every detail, so let us help!


Rootaudio is a Design and Installation company that partners with churches, schools, and businesses to create high quality audio visual installs to fit your needs. We specialize in working with any budget to build & implement a plan for premier lighting, audio, or video in your building. From updating your lighting to mapping out and implementing an entire HD video system, with everything we work on we provide the perfect recommendations to meet your needs.

Kevin Root of Rootaudio

Kevin Root

His beard isn’t the only thing you should be impressed by.

For over 15 years, Kevin Root has been an expert in all things audio, video, and lighting. Kevin has been in charge of production on band tours, consulted with 15 different major churches, and ran lights & sound for thousands of concerts. He has overseen projects ranging from $5,000 to $500,000 budgets, and is passionate about doing it right the first time. Kevin is an expert at understanding your needs, building a plan, and installing everything perfectly. He is energized by doing what is best for each client and spending every penny of your budget wisely.

Rootaudio Process


Each organization we work with is different. We will start by touring your space, understanding your needs and concerns, & looking through your budget. We do business with a simple rule- your goal is our goal and your success is our success.


We will completely take away the stress of researching the best equipment and the frustration of making the wrong decision. We are experts and know every piece of audio, video, and lighting equipment. We will build a full plan that outlines every detail and our best recommendations for your project.


We aren’t just experts in advice, we’re also good with our hands. We will order, manage, and install every piece of equipment and make sure it works perfectly. After installation, we will train your team to understand the new technology and won’t leave until you’re confident.

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“Rootaudio did everything we needed them to do and more… Kevin is amazing and I would hire him again.”

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The success of this project is a testament to the quality materials (boxes, amps, processing), the installer, and the engineering of the design.  When we started this project, we had to solicit 3 bids.  One contractor refused to touch the space without adding additional acoustical treatment.  They felt the space was “untamable” in its current state.  I acknowledge that the Dome shape presents considerable acoustic challenges.  However, the success of this installation illustrates how careful engineering can help mitigate problems and provide affordable solutions.
We just opened a new Performing Arts Center at Norton High School, and Rootaudio has been instrumental in providing us with consulting and equipment support. The knowledge, expertise, pricing, and support is unparalleled to that of Rootaudio competitors. We’re proud to do business with Rootaudio and highly recommend them, especially in the educational arena.

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We love the feeling of watching you turn on your lights for the first time, hooking up your microphones to the new sound system, or displaying high quality video on your new equipment. If you want to bring the highest quality to your space, it would be an honor to work with you.




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